Innovate Good

Check-in is at UMBC Commons Main St.

April 29th - 30th · HackUMBC · Shriver Center

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info_outline About

Innovate Good gives you 24 hours to learn new skills, make friends, create your wildest idea, and share it with the world. Whether you wish to build a website, dabble with Photoshop, create a robotic arm, or develop a game, it's up to you to decide what to learn!

schedule Schedule

10:00 AMCheck InEngineering 27
11:00 AMOpening CeremoniesEngineering 27
12:00 PMHacking BeginsCommons 3rd floor
12:00 PMLunchMain St.
1:15 PMTeam FormationSportsZone
2:00 PMHow to Break Into Tech - Make SchoolSportsZone
3:00 PMBeginner Workshop - "Gotta Code 'Em All"SportsZone
5:00 PMBNIA-JFI Data Talk - CharlesSportsZone
5:30 PMIntro to Web Dev - JaimeSportsZone
6:30 PMDinnerMain St.
7:30 PMCookin' with React - NisargaSportsZone
8:30 PMUWP App Development - DarpanSportsZone
10:00 PMTriviaSportsZone/ SkyLight
11:00 PMCup StackingMain St. / SkyLight
12:00 AMMidnight SnacksMain St.
8:00 AMBreakfastMain St.
11:00 AMBegin Submitting HacksDevPost
12:00 PMHacking EndsCommons
12:00 PMLunchFlat Tuesday / SkyLight
1:00 PMExpo BeginsMain St.
2:30 PMFinal DemosSkyLight
3:30 PMClosing CeremoniesSkyLight

layers Tracks

Hackers will be able to build project in 4 awesome categories this year.

Health & Environment
This track encompasses issues pertaining to physical and mental health, medical care access, and environmental impacts on public health.
Legal & Justice
The Legal/Justice track explores issues within the legal system, advocating for the rights of and resources available to others, and addressing systemic problems.
The Housing focus asks hackers to think beyond themselves or their school and into their community.
The Education track encourages participants to consider education challenges facing schools, teachers, students, and communities both inside and outside the classroom.

question_answer Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hackathon?
A hackathon is a tech innovation marathon. This is where your dreams run wild. Solve a real-world problem with technology or build the next Iron Man suit.
What if I don't have a team or idea?
No problem! You can find a team once you arrive. Most hackers arrive without a team. You will often find inspiration for ideas at the hackathon.
What if I don't code?
This is the perfect opportunity to learn something new! There will be workshops geared towards beginners and mentors to help you throughout the event.
Who can attend?
All undergraduate and graduate students are welcome! Unfortunately we will not be accepting high school students for this event.
What can I build?
Anything! Web, mobile, desktop, and hardware projects are all welcome. Projects will be judged based on creativity, technical difficulty, polish, and usefulness.
Will there be hardware?
We have partnered with MLH to provide hardware hacking resources to all hackers. Check out the full list of hardware.
How much does it cost?
Innovate Good is free! Food, beverages, swag, workspaces, and sleeping areas will be provided. You just have to travel to the event and we will take care of the rest! :)
What should I bring?
Valid photo ID is required. Laptops, sleeping bags, and toiletries are highly recommended.
How big should teams be? Can I hack alone?
Teams should be at most four people. We highly recommend that you form a team, but solo hackers are allowed.
Can I build off past projects?
We strongly discourage building off of existing projects you've worked on. However, using third–party APIs and libraries are encouraged, as long as they're accessible by everyone.
Is there a Code of Conduct?
Yes Be nice to others.
I have more questions!
You can get in touch with us via Email, Facebook, Twitter

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